8 Reasons To Live In Key Biscayne

Are you looking for a new neighborhood in Florida to move to and settle with your family? Well, then, there is no other place than Key Biscayne that you should consider. It is a perfect neighborhood that you should move to and settle with your family. 

On the other hand, if you want to start a family, then Key Biscayne is. Many people get confused about why they should move to the town of Key Biscayne. However, there are many reasons why you should. 

Therefore, here is a complete guide that will make it easier to make a wise decision. So, keep reading and clear out all your confusion regarding Key Biscayne. 

Where Is Key Biscayne?

Key Biscayne is an island town in Florida, spread across an area of 4.42 km2. The island town was founded in 1991, and the entire infrastructure you get see is new and made using advanced technology. 

In addition, there are many beaches, mangroves, and forests. Thus, bringing you closer to nature and providing a peaceful environment to live in. That is all you need to know about Key Biscayne.

Reasons to live in key biscane

However, that is not enough for you to know Key Biscayne properly. 

Top Reasons To Live In Key Biscayne

This will make it easier for you to understand why Key Biscayne is a perfect town. There are many reasons why you should live in Key Biscayne. However, here are the top ones. 

1. Cost of Living

The US is such a mega country that the cost of living in every town and state differs. Therefore, when moving to a new place, the cost of living plays an important part in helping you make a better decision. 

The cost of living in Key Biscayne is lower than the country’s national average. That means comparatively affordable, and the general cost would be less expensive. 

The less expensive items include groceries, transport, education, utilities, health care, and all the necessities for survival. These are some things that everyone considers when moving to a new place as these are incurred in any situation. 

Therefore, Key Biscayne is a great place to live and start a family. 

2. Crime Rate

Crime rate is a critical factor that plays its part when moving to a new city. You wouldn’t want to live in a place where crimes are taking place now and then. In addition, moving to a place and then worrying about your family’s safety would be useless.

However, the crime rate of Key Biscayne is way lower compared to other suburban areas in the entire country. Most people in the US are worried about the crimes and praying that they safely reach their homes.

Therefore, if you are looking to live in Key Biscayne, then there shouldn’t be anything that you have to worry about. You and your family and easily roam around the town and make friends. That is why most people consider moving to Key Biscayne due to its peaceful and safe environment.  

3. Education

Everyone needs an essential and most important thing to live a healthy life. When moving to Key Biscayne, you would look at how the schools are and the cost of education. So therefore, we are going to make your work easier here. 

The education offered in Key Biscayne ranks as one of the highest on national levels. The statistics that make up the education level include factors such as:

  • Graduation rates
  • Enrollment fee
  • Parent and student reviews
  • Teacher-to-student ratios

These factors make it easier to assess public schools and education. But, of course, every parent wants their child to get a quality education, which is every citizen’s right. 

In addition, there are many schools you can find in Key Biscayne where you can enroll your child. Make sure you choose the closest one as that would be less stressful for your child to travel daily. 

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4. Poverty Rate

The poverty rate reflects the amount of unemployed and homeless people you can find in the city. Therefore, this is a factor and a reason you should consider when living in a new place. No one would want to live in a place with a high poverty rate as it also reflects the economic conditions of that area. 

The poverty rate of Key Biscayne is way lower compared to the other cities across the US. In addition, the poverty rate also tells us the number of people who fall below the poverty line and are underpaid. 

The lower poverty rate of Key Biscayne represents that the economic conditions are stable, and it is a good place to live in. You would find people who are getting paid better and represent their lifestyle. So pack your bags and head towards Key Biscayne right away. 

5. Standard of Living

All the reasons mentioned above are somehow linked to the standard of living. Many people associate the standard of living with livability; it is the same thing, just different terms. 

The livability score of Key Biscayne is above average national score. This is a great sign and means that it is a very friendly and economical place. All the reasons mentioned above are used and calculated through an advanced system to measure the standard of living. 

The livability score of Key Biscayne is 72, whereas the score of Napa, California, is 52. So here you can easily see the difference between the two towns and it gives you a better idea. 

Be it any town or city you consider living in, check all the reasons/factors mentioned above to help you decide. 

6. Scenic Beauty

The reasons we discussed above gave you a serious perspective of Key Biscayne. First, however, let’s talk about something fun and how you can enjoy it with your partner or family in Key Biscayne. 

The island town near Miami Beach is filled with scenic beauty and various terrains. Here you can find beautiful beaches and mangroves. The best thing is that there are 2 large parks you visit anytime for a hiking trip. 

Be prepared, and always take your camps and grill with you. You never know when you will need a camp to stargaze the entire night. Therefore, it would be better to be prepared beforehand. 

And if you decide to live in Key Biscayne, it can be a family tradition to go camping every weekend. 

7. Uncountable Activities to Do

If you plan to live in Key Biscayne to get lost in nature and just relax, then it is the best place you have decided. There are uncountable activities that you can do to freshen up your soul. Keep in mind that there is a lot of fun that you are going to have in Key Biscayne. 

Here are some of the activities that you can enjoy in Key Biscayne:

  • Boat trip to Stiltsville
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Trekking
  • Camping

These are just some of the popular activities that you can indulge yourself in. Any activity you choose, make sure to give it all yourself and enjoy it to the fullest. There shouldn’t be anything left till you retire. 

In addition, you can be a part of the local community and be there organizing the annual boat shows and events. This way, you can Key Biscayne better and contribute to the growth of the town. 

8. Peaceful Environment and No Traffic Issues

One thing that frustrates everyone living in the city is traffic, which would be the last thing you would want in Key Biscayne. Thank god Key Biscayne is free from it, and the streets are peaceful the entire time. 

Your time and gas don’t get wasted sitting in the car waiting for the traffic to flow. The greenery and the beautiful streets of the town make you get lost in them, so yes, you would need to focus more on the road. 

On the other hand, Key Biscayne is a small town where roaming around in a Moped or bike would be better. That would help you vibe better and enjoy the weather. But, no matter the vehicle you use, the peaceful environment of Key Biscayne will soothe your soul and ease your mind. 

It is a remarkable place to live in. Make sure to look for the house that would suit you the best. 

Here are the top 8 reasons to live in Key Biscayne. We have discussed every reason in detail to make it better for you to understand them. Key Biscayne will offer you the best time of your life, and there is something in the air that will always freshen up your mind.

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